Beles Paradise College (BPC) is one of the emerging private colleges established in 2016/17, in Oromia Regional State, North Shewa Zone, at Fitche town, which is 112km far from Addis Ababa.  Currently, the college has been accredited by Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency to deliver undergraduate programs via distance mode of delivery by the following fields of studies: Accounting and Finance, Management, Agricultural Economics and Educational Planning and Management (EDPM). The college has secured accreditation by the abovementioned departments at the main Campus: Fitche town, and at the coordinating offices: Woliso, Debremarkos, Injibara, Bahirdar, Debratabor, Gilgel Beles, Woldia,Metu, Mizan, Bonga and Gambella towns.

For this purpose, the College has an organizational structure to manage & operate its activities as required properly, and the college was committed on working intensively for improvement and advancement of quality education, and the college has been  re-accredited at Fiche Campus, and  trying to launch additional and new  programs at different levels of study.

Since the college was committed on working intensively for improvement and advancement of education services, it has established another five regular campus at different corners of the country where there had been a hardship for the easy access of education and training services: To this end, the college  established its campus in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Metekel Zone at Gilgel Beles  and Pawi towns, in Gambella peoples regional state , at Gambella and Meti towns, in SNNPRS by 2017/18 to train the trainees on level based approach. Fields of study by which the college has been accredited and delivering training services are:  Accounting, Human Resource Management, ICT, Secretarial Science and office administration, Crop production & marketing management, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Clinical Nursing, Midwifery and Animal Health Science.  Beles Paradise College has been in progress from year to year particularly regarding education and trainings. Based on its aspiration to be a center of excellence and distinguished academic institution, the college has decided to launch undergraduate  and graduate programs in regular and E-learning mode of delivery in 2021.Thus,the college is undertaking various activities to launch Undergraduate programs via conventional/regular mode of delivery at Gilgel beles,Gambella and Meti Campuses and the forthcoming departments at these specific campuses are: Accounting and Finance, Management, Clinical Pharmacy ,Clinical Nursing and Public Health. By Graduate program, the college has planned to deliver the service through regular program at Gilgel Beles and Gambella Campus; via E-learning at Legatafo town. The departments to be delivered are by this program are: Masters of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Project Management, and Leadership