Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Upon successful completion of the MBA program, graduates will have all or part of the following profiles:
  • Will be able to conduct researches in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and other related business courses at Universities and other higher learning institutions;
  • Will be able to lead and manage business and industry at national and multinational scope
  • Will be able to consult, coach and advise business firms and managers entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Will able to make and analyze policies, negotiate, as well as act as change agents of various business organizations.
  • Total Number of Cr. Hours = 36 (30 hrs of course work & 6 hrs thesis)
  • Average time for full-time study = twenty-four months (Two Years)
  • Average time for part-time study = thirty-six months (Three years)
Admission Requirements
  • A successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in any field.
  • An applicant needs to achieve a minimum required score of entrance exam offered to determine entry to the program;
Graduation requirements
The MBA program in the regular and online modality requires that students:
  • Complete 5 (Five) approved semesters credits (36) as indicated in the Course Plan;
  • Maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, with a maximum of one “C” on an individual course grade in courses identified in the Course Plan; and
  • Maintain a “satisfactory” or better grade in the final MBA Thesis Project
Payment for Local(Ethiopia) Students:
  • Admission/Entrance Exam/ Fee : 500ETB;
  • Semester Registration Fee : 300ETB;
  • Tuition Fee : 1100ETB;
Payment for International Students:
  • Admission/Entrance Exam/ Fee : $10;
  • Semester Registration Fee : $6;
  • Tuition Fee : $22 per credit hour;