MSc in Accounting and Finance

MSc. in Accounting and Finance

Graduates from the Masters Science degree in Accounting and Finance program are expected to assume functional responsibilities in any sector (service giving, manufacturing and merchandising business enterprises, governmental and other Not- Profit (NFP) organizations.) where accountability and transparency are needed. After completing the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze and report financial statements for local and international stakeholders;
  • Analysis, design and install financial/non-financial systems (manual or computerized)
  • Design and run modern system of cost accounting that would enable organizations to determine and control the costs of their goods and services
  • Analyze and design short-term and long-term investment projects for all types of organizations.
  • Perform advanced treasury, portfolio and Investment management systems.
  • Design and run effective internal control systems.
  • Develop and implement business strategy and corporate plan.
  • Prepare tax return.
  • Identify and analyze accounting, auditing, and finance related problems and researching for pragmatic solutions.
  • Design financial forecasting, trend and performance analysis.


  • Total Number of Cr. Hours = 36 (30 hrs of course work & 6 hrs thesis)
  • Average time for full-time study = twenty-four months (Two Years)
  • Average time for part-time study = thirty-six months (Three years)

Admission Requirements
The admission requirements for the candidates of Masters of Science degree program in accounting and finance are the followings:

  • Candidates should have first degree in Accounting, Accounting and Finance, banking and finance; banking and insurance; cooperative accounting; business education with specialization in accounting or banking or insurance; business management and management from the accredited Universities.
  • Candidates those who have Master of Business Administration (MBA), ACCA, CPA or equivalent of it from accredited Higher Education Institutions.
  • Foreign applicants can produce Equivalent from HERQA in lieu of sitting for entrance exam.
  • Pass the entrance examination to be administered by the department of the College. The entrance exam will be prepared to measure the candidate‘s subject area knowledge, English language proficiency and computational skill.
Graduation requirements
The MSc in Accounting and Finance program in the regular and online modality requires that students:
  • Complete 5 (Five) approved semesters credits (36) as indicated in the Course Plan;
  • Maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, with a maximum of one “C” on an individual course grade in courses identified in the Course Plan; and
  • Maintain a “satisfactory” or better grade in the final Thesis Project
Payment for Local(Ethiopia) Students:
  • Admission/Entrance Exam/ Fee : 500ETB;
  • Semester Registration Fee : 300ETB;
  • Tuition Fee : 1100ETB;
Payment for International Students:
  • Admission/Entrance Exam/ Fee : $10;
  • Semester Registration Fee : $6;
  • Tuition Fee : $22 per credit hour;